1. Polish Your Presentation

If you need to give presentations, or perhaps teach your subject in English, then this is the option for you. Practical help to plan and deliver your message more fluently and handle post presentation discussion or question and answer sessions.

2. Top up for Teachers

It is hard to keep your English up to date while delivering classes and dealing with the demands of your job. This option will help you to explore those tricky new expressions that have come into common use and give you the confidence to use them correctly. We can work on everything from classroom management in English, finding and using interesting content and the vital skills of handling and asking questions.

3. Manage Your Meetings

Do you find it difficult to participate confidently in meetings? Do you sometimes want to ask questions, agree or disagree with a colleague, but can’t find the words to do that? We can role play in English to help you become more confident with all these skills and help you build a bank of useful vocabulary and phrases.