Individual subscription for the academic year 2017-2018

Newsletter materials — gentle regular exercise for your English skills

A monthly selection box of materials during the academic year ensures a balanced diet for your English skills. Videos, podcasts, articles for discussion, puzzles, book reviews and much more are on offer. Contents vary so I can include anything I think is of interest to those with curious minds and an interest in the ever changing world of the English language.

Another integral part is the recommended reading list. You can read all or none of the novels depending on how much time you have. The materials are accessible either way. This year I will only be preparing materials for confident users and teachers of English with a view to keeping their own skills updated, or to use the materials in class.

Once you have registered and paid for your subscription, you will be given access to the closed Oil Your English Subscribers 2017-2018 group on Facebook. This acts as a virtual classroom where you can find other materials I post, and where you can interact with me, other subscribers and collaborators. It is also where you can download the monthly newsletter materials.

£35 per academic year